Chase Williamson Missing: 16 Year Old Went Missing At Mr Jims Pizza off of the 215 and Hualapai

Chase Williamson Missing: A close by family is contending for the public’s help as they search for a missing high schooler.

Chase Williamson Missing: Chase Williamson, 16, was most as of late seen on Friday, and his mother said she’s looking for any information that could help with bringing him home

Chase Williamson Missing: “We just need information,” said Kayla Williamson, Chase’s mother. “We need those individuals that have the information to connect with angels vegas or the police.”

She said Chase had not gotten back since he left for work on his bike Friday night.

Chase Williamson Missing: “He got off at 9 p.m. most likely,” said Chase’s father, Chad Williamson. “There were whirlwinds that night, so I went up to get him, headed inside, and the individual said he had left some time back.”

Chase Williamson Missing: On Saturday Chase’s bike was tracked down in a dumpster behind Albertsons, around five miles from his situation at Mr. Jim’s Pizza. Up until this point, the Williamson family has been returning again to the two or three leads they have. They said Chase’s telephone has been off since he returned home. His fellow delegates say he’s been a no-call, turn up missing working the latest two days.

Chase Williamson Missing: Chase is around 5 feet, 10 inches tall, and weighs around 155 pounds. He has short gritty hued hair, blue eyes, and supports. He was most as of late seen wearing Levis, and a pink shirt that said Mr. Jim’s.

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