Christina Powell Missing: What Happened to Christina?

Christina Powell Missing: A Texas mother of two is absent after she was most recently seen surging from her home while behind schedule to work over seven days prior, as concerned friends and family anticipate any improvements for the situation.

Christina Powell Missing: Christina “Chrissy” Lee Powell, 39, was seen wearing dull jeans and a long-sleeved shirt as she hustled out of her San Antonio home not long after 10:34 a.m. on July 5, as indicated by doorbell camera video gave to Fox News Digital on Wednesday. The light haired, brown-looked at mother of two, who said she was behind schedule for work at that point, was conveying a handbag, however failed to take her PDA or her Apple Watch with her, friends and family said.

Christina Powell Missing: “She avoided with regard to here in a hurry,” her mom who lives with her, Claudia Mobley, reviewed when reached by telephone.

Christina Powell Missing: Early that day, Powell called the workplace where she functioned as a paralegal to let them know she would be late, and told her mom the equivalent. In any case, hours after the fact, a partner appeared at the family’s Apple Creek home to monitor her after she was a flake-out at the workplace.

Christina Powell Missing: Powell’s most established child, 12, addressed the entryway.

Christina Powell Missing: “My grandson addressed the entryway, and the woman said, ‘Is your mother here?'” Mobley told Fox News Digital on Wednesday. “He said, ‘No, she’s working’ … He proceeded to check, and obviously, she hadn’t arrived.”

Christina Powell Missing: Mobley, 70, said her little girl left her wireless on the counter of the washroom. Friends and family later resolved she additionally abandoned her Apple Watch some place in the space of the home.

Christina Powell Missing: Mobley talked with her girl before she left for work that day.

Christina Powell Missing: “We truly had no sort of inside and out discussion. It was fundamentally, ‘Great morning.’ She let me know she was late,” she reviewed. “Then, at that point, she was leaving for work and I advised her to watch out. Furthermore, I likely told her, ‘I love you.'”

Christina Powell Missing: Mobley saw her girl drive away from the home in her dark 2020 Nissan Rogue, which bears the tag PYJ 8564, friends and family and specialists said.

Christina Powell Missing: Mobley detailed her girl missing with San Antonio Police Department on July 6, and an official then, at that point, visited the home to talk with her. She said the cycle required a few days before her girl was formally named missing.

When inquired as to whether she saw anything strange about her little girl’s way of behaving that morning, Mobley said her girl doesn’t for the most part leave in such a rush, yet noted: “I felt like she was going, I accepted she planned to work — and I think she felt like she planned to work.”

The San Antonio Police Department’s Missing Persons Unit is taking care of the case, a representative said. A police flyer depicts Powell as 5 feet, 2 inches tall, 120 pounds and right-gave, with medium length hair.

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