Emily Solomon Missing : Amber Alert issued to 14-year-old missing girls

Emily Solomon Missing : Two teenage girls, Emily Solomon and Aisha Lynn Cross, who went missing on June 29, are the focus of Amber Alert today.

Emily Solomon Missing : The McGregor, Texas Police Department believes both girls are in serious danger. And they are asking for help from anyone with any information about these two girls to contact the McGregor Police Department at (254) 840-2855.

Emily Solomon Missing : Both girls were last seen on Wednesday, June 29, in McGregor, Texas. The police have no suspects in the case yet, and no one knows anything about the relationship between the two girls either.

Emily Solomon Missing : Emily Solomon is described as a white girl with brown eyes and brown hair. She is 5’1″ tall and weighs about 175 pounds.

Emily Solomon Missing : Another girl, Aisha Lynn Cross, is described as a white girl with brown eyes and black hair. Her body weight is 105 pounds and her height is 5 feet 2 inches.

The McGregor police do not have any further details about these girls, such as what clothes they were wearing at the time of their disappearance. They also don’t have any details about the suspicious vehicle.

Emily Solomon Missing : Law enforcement officials believe that the two teenage girls are in danger, and so an Amber Alert is issued for them to look for any information that could lead to their location being tracked.

Emily Solomon Missing : As far as the police are concerned, these two girls are believed to be in great or immediate danger. They’ve been trying to trace them back to teenagers, but so far haven’t found any leads that could help them solve the case.

Emily Solomon Missing : If you have any information about these two girls or their abduction, you should call the McGregor Police Department at (254) 840-2855, or you can also call 911 and pass on the information.

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