Felicia Johnson Missing : What Causen Of Him

New court reports uncover what examiners accept happened to Felicia Johnson.

Felicia Johnson Missing : The 24-year-old from California disappeared in Houston on April 16. Houston Police have named Chukweubuka Nwobodo, 28, the suspect in the killing. He’s been accused of homicide and messing with proof however is still on the run. Lamar Consolidated ISD affirmed Nwobodo moved on from its region in 2011.

Felicia Johnson Missing : “I think we got work to do and we are prepared to make it happen,” Texas Equusearch pioneer Tim Miller said.

Felicia Johnson Missing : It was his worker bunch that found Johnson’s satchel in Bear Creek Park, near where Johnson’s family tracked down her telephone.

Felicia Johnson Missing : Despite the fact that Houston police accept Johnson was killed, they actually have not tracked down her body.

Felicia Johnson Missing : “Bear Creek Park, it’s thick in certain areas, there are little streets that go off, a little regions that would be easy to pull in and dump something and get out without being seen,” Miller said. “My apprehension is currently, ideally, I’m off-base, is this is one of them situations where she is never going to be found.”

Felicia Johnson Missing : On April 16 at 2:56 a.m., Johnson is most recently seen at the Intercontinental Hotel in the Medical Center. She gets into a Uber that HPD said was requested by Nwobodo. Criminal investigators said he answered a promotion Johnson set on the web. The Uber took Johnson to Nwobodo’s old location on Windchase. Then, he got her and took her to his condo on South Richmond, as per police.

Felicia Johnson Missing : After an hour, his vehicle is seen on reconnaissance video leaving the complex, and at 5:12 a.m., Johnson’s telephone associates with a cell tower close where her family finds it in Bear Creek Park soon thereafter.

Felicia Johnson Missing : The following two days, HPD said, receipts show Nwobodo took out cash, and bought supplies. His web look through included things like “most forested piece of Houston.”

Felicia Johnson Missing : On May 13, analysts got court orders for his vehicle and condo. He was arrested during a traffic stop, yet it’s hazy when he was delivered. In his condo, specialists found “areas of strength for extremely” of Johnson’s DNA, and in Nwobodo’s vehicle, they tracked down a weapon, blade and digging tool.`

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