Haydn Griffiths Drowning Accident: In River Mersey Haydn Griffiths Gofundme

Haydn Griffiths Drowning Accident: A body has been found in the quest for missing Haydn Griffiths who was most recently seen swimming in the River Mersey.

Haydn Griffiths Drowning Accident: The 23-year-old, from Lowton in Wigan, disappeared subsequent to swimming towards wind turbines off the bank of New Brighton, Wirral, at around 10.30pm last Tuesday, when the nation saw record temperatures. An immense pursuit was sent off by the Coastguard and raft volunteers alongside police and the fire administration, however was canceled at around 5pm on Wednesday, July 20 following 18 hours.

Haydn Griffiths Drowning Accident: Today (July 25), a Merseyside Police representative affirmed the body of a man had been tracked down on Sunday night. The passing is being treated as ‘unexplained’ at this stage.

Haydn Griffiths Drowning Accident: The representative said: “As of now the demise is being treated as unexplained and a posthumous assessment will occur to lay out the reason. The body is yet to be officially distinguished.”

Haydn Griffiths Drowning Accident: Last Friday, Haydn’s sister Megan Griffiths posted a contacting message on Instagram on what might have been his 24th birthday celebration. She stated: “Cheerful 24th Birthday Haydn!! You are the coolest, most insane, most kind and cherishing sibling in the entire world and we WILL KEEP SEARCHING FOR YOU! Love you all the world H! xxxxx”

Haydn Griffiths Drowning Accident: She recently portrayed her ‘little brother’ as ‘a competitor’ and said she accepted he was ‘out there and battling’. Megan proceeded to thank the crisis administrations and the many individuals who had been looking with them.

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