Ismat Siddiqui Death: Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s mother Cause of Death

Ismat Siddiqui Death: In October 2002, Dr Aafia and I consented to an arrangement. I concurred that Aafia would hold guardianship of our three small kids, Ahmed, Marium and Suleman. Aafia consented to allow me to meet them and guarantee their prosperity. In any case, Aafia didn’t maintain her side of the arrangement.

Ismat Siddiqui Death: She didn’t allow me to meet my youngsters or satisfy my commitment of monetarily supporting them. In June 2003, I recorded a claim for care of the youngsters. In view of previous experience, I had motivation to expect that Aafia could seek after her political aspirations to the weakness of our kids’ government assistance. It presently appears to be that reality might be more regrettable than I might have envisioned.

Ismat Siddiqui Death: Throughout our claim, Aafia’s mom, Ismat Siddiqui, affirmed in a sworn testimony in August 2003 that the FBI had illuminated her US legal counselor that the youngsters and their mom were protected with them. In US press reports, be that as it may, the legal advisor, Elaine Sharp, said the FBI had told her the very inverse.

Ismat Siddiqui Death: At the point when my family and I asked from the FBI, we were informed that the US was all the while searching for Aafia and had no data about where the kids were. For what reason did Aafia’s mom guarantee the FBI had told her attorney they had the kids when clearly the FBI hadn’t expressed anything of the sort?

Ismat Siddiqui Death: My two most seasoned kids are US residents. Assuming the Siddiquis had proof that the US was keeping our three honest youngsters locked down, for what reason didn’t they get charges the US against the pertinent organizations?

Aafia’s uncle, S. H. Faruqi, in his article distributed as of late, has guaranteed that he met Aafia in Islamabad in January 2008, and that Aafia’s face was modified by plastic medical procedure and that she had a public ID card under a made up name.

I might want to know where my youngsters were around then. Who were these ‘detainers’ of Aafia and why had they held my youngsters?

Ismat Siddiqui Death: All the more as of late, Aafia’s attorney in the US, Elizabeth Fink, has guaranteed that our most youthful child Suleman passed on in ‘bondage’. Whose bondage and where? Who were individuals who were denying me and my youngsters from seeing one another? As an anguished dad, I appeal to Elizabeth Fink and any other individual, here in Pakistan or in some other country, to approach with anything they realize about what has befallen every one of the three of my kids beginning around 2003.

Ismat Siddiqui Death: Assuming there is any proof that the US or some other offices held them hostage or, God prohibit, been answerable for their demises, I might want to see those dependable dealt with.

I was feeling significantly better to hear that Ahmad was situated in Afghanistan last month, and was brought to Islamabad, in spite of the fact that I have numerous unanswered inquiries regarding how a guiltless 12-year-old kid wound up in a disaster area. Since Aafia’s sister Dr Fowzia was effectively affecting the authorities concerned and was acting like the genuine watchman of Ahmad, she took care of him. I chose not to meddle in this cycle on the grounds that Ahmad’s appearance could have been postponed or endangered because of the question and that wouldn’t be to his greatest advantage.

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