Jamie Farley Missing : The Disappearance of Jamie Fraley

Jamie Michelle Fraley was brought into the world on March 5, 1986 in Gaston County, North Carolina. All along, she was someone who tested the possibilities. She was a cleared out baby who many acknowledged wouldn’t live past the age of one, but she did. She not entirely settled to have bipolar and strain issues. She took medication to supervise both, and is said to have addressed well.

Jamie was a firecracker with a significant heart and an energy for aiding others. While known to be blazing every so often, she was a sweet and cunning young woman. This drove her to seek after a calling as a substance abuse teacher, for which she was focusing on parttime at Gaston College, close by getting her GED.

At the hour of her disappearing, Jamie was secured to Ricky Simons Jr. The pair began dating in 2006, and not long after began living separately at the Copperfield skyscraper at 1850 Lowell Bethesda Road in Gastonia. Ricky was known to policing, in 2007 was sentenced to 15 months for theft. Her family granted their inclinations about him to Jamie, but she chose to remain, creating Ricky everyday and visiting him in prison.

On April 7, 2008, Jamie encountering experts acknowledged to be the stomach flu, for which she’d gone to the facility twice. The underlying time was around early afternoon. Right when she got back, her sidekick got a canine Jamie had been watching out for her and proposed to drop off her cure at a local drug store.

Some place in the scope of 8:00pm and 10:00pm, Jamie closed she expected to return to the ER, discontent with her past finding. As she didn’t have a driver’s grant or methodology for transportation, she considered her life accomplice’s father, Ricky Simons Sr., for a ride. Exactly when she appeared at the crisis center, she was educated the reserve would be three hours. She decided to leave and called another neighbor to demand a ride back to her space.

Jamie got back around 12 PM and called her mother. Concerned, Kim Fraley asked with regards to whether she really wanted got the next day. Her young lady declined, saying she had a gathering with the Social Security Administration. Following two hours, Jamie called a sidekick and let them in on someone wanted to get her and return her to the facility. Regardless, she didn’t saw who that individual was and startlingly hung up when they pulled up outside.

Jamie never appeared at the center that third time.

On April 9, 2008, a clinical consideration provider appeared at Jamie’s space to take her to her gathering with the Social Security Administration, but found her doorway locked. Exactly when Jamie failed to answer calls to her cellphone, the provider left, yet failed to prompt her family for two days.

On April 11, Kim considered the police and mentioned that they play out an administration help be careful with her daughter. Exactly when an authority appeared at her space, he found no signs of compelled segment or a fight. After different undertakings to show up at Jamie through her cellphone, Kim, Jamie’s aunt and her cousin entered the apartment suite and found her bag, wallet, keys and recognizing verification. She’d similarly disgorged in a couple of spots, showing the reality of her stomach issues. They saw the shoelaces were missing from her #1 arrangements of shoes, which struck them as odd.

Once more kim called the police, this opportunity to record a report for somebody who has disappeared.

The Gaston County Police Department alloted three experts to the case full time and referenced help from the State Bureau of Investigation and the FBI. They conversed with Jamie’s friends and family, and drove door to door conversations with inhabitants of the great ascent.

The district around the complex was looked, including a nearby rich locale. Jumpers and body canines moreover glanced through Lake Armstrong, arranged across the street, yet their undertakings turned up void.

On April 13, 2008, a utilities expert fixing lines at the combination of South New Hope Road and East Hudson Boulevard found Jamie’s cellphone. It appeared to have been thrown from a moving vehicle. Right when inspectors looked at it, they found a couple of calls were made at 4:30am on the morning Jamie disappeared, yet none related. They not altogether firmly established to have been dialed from her summary of continuous contacts and as needs be not associated with the case. What fascinated inspectors was a call made to the phone at 5:00am that very day. Unfortunately, they couldn’t sort out who it was from.

Due to how much people who had managed the cellphone, specialists couldn’t glint much from it. Search canines were brought to the combination where it was found, but they didn’t hit after anything.

Jamie’s family made a colossal number of missing individuals flyers, coordinated their own chases and utilized their own inspector. To help the pursuit, both Texas EquuSearch and the Kristen Foundation made an outing to North Carolina. In 2010, a board sponsored by the Kristen Foundation was acquainted along I-85 with help with uncovering issues about the case.

The family made tries to select the help of criminological examiner Maurice Godwin in 2012, but he was denied permission to Jamie’s case record. The police division alludes to the consistent assessment as the avocation for the denial.

Two or three years after Jamie’s disappearing, a particular sent Kim a photo of a woman from a site publicizing female escorts on the west coast. Specialists arrived at adjacent subject matter experts and they tracked down the female in the picture. Sadly, she wasn’t Jamie.

Specialists don’t totally acknowledge that Jamie left intentionally, as it is odd of her to suddenly leave. Due to the shortfall of verification, no charges have been recorded – anyway, foul play is thought. Her DNA is open for assessment, should her body be found, and an award is at present being introduced for information that settles the case.

1) The fundamental speculation for the circumstance is that Ricky Simonds Sr. is at risk for Jamie’s evaporating. He’s at present remembered to be a person of interest, and has a convict record that consolidates coercion, drug charges and thievery. He invested energy in prison during the 1980s for homicide in relationship with the strangulation destruction of his ex.

The people who acknowledged Jamie say Simonds Sr. was focused on her and would offer ill-advised comments and advances. He lived two lofts down, would assist her with finishing things and would achieve support work at the apartment complex. He was in like manner one of the last people to see Jamie, as he’d driven her to the clinical center two or three hours before her evaporating.

On June 8, 2008, one of Simonds Sr’s. exes found his body in the capacity compartment of her vehicle. Before his downfall, she’d reported a controlling solicitation against him for theft. She’d told police she’d saw a foul fragrance oozing from her trunk and when she opened it she found his body. He had her keys in his pocket and her sack close to him. Inspectors acknowledge he’d disguised inside the capacity compartment to catch her, but got found out and passed on from heat stroke.

It wasn’t long after his end that the experts thought him with being locked in with Jamie’s evaporating. Anyway, there’s no verification to exhibit this. Kim acknowledges anything that important information there is about her young lady’s case kicked the can with him, an inclination shared by Ricky Simonds Jr.

2) An ensuing theory, which has since been stigmatized by trained professionals, states Jamie was killed by a man named Jerry Douglas Case. At the open door he came on police radar, he was completing a 22-year discipline for crime.

In 2012, he formed a letter to the Gaston Gazette, owning up to the 1985 manslaughter of a 17-year-old youngster. Following three years, he formed another letter, this time confessing to Jamie’s manslaughter and that of another woman who was killed in 2008. Despite his confirmation, inspectors have no faith in him to be locked in with Jamie’s disappearing, as he was kept by then. Additionally, he was essentially prepared to give nuances that had proactively been uncovered.

Policing similarly slandered his commitment in the 2008 crime, despite him being free at the time said murder occurred.

Kim has kept a compartment of her daughter’s things, which consolidates a work Jamie created. She’s normal she encountered despairing not long after Jamie’s evaporating, for which she searched for treatment.

The case was featured on a 2012 episode of the Investigation Discovery show, Disappeared.

The Missing Jamie Michelle Fraley Facebook page has been made to help with exposing issues about the case.

Jamie Michelle Fraley vanished from the Copperfield apartment complex in Gastonia, Gaston County, North Carolina on April 8, 2008. She was 22 years old, and was possibly wearing a tremendous white shirt and jeans. At the hour of her evaporating, she stayed at 4’9″ and weighed around 90 to 100 pounds. She has strawberry light hair, and either blue or gritty shaded eyes. The name “Ricky” is inked on her right lower leg.

A couple of workplaces spell her last name as “Farley”.

As of now, the case is named endangered missing, with shamefulness thought. If alive, she would be 35 years old.

Thos with information concerning the case are drawn closer to contact the Gaston County Police Department at either 704-866-3320, 704-866-3334 or 704-866-3300. Tips can moreover be called into the FBI at 1-704-672-6100 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-861-8000.

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