Janet Walsh Missing: Mysterious Disappearance Of 70 Year Old

Janet Walsh Missing: Police are recharging their call to people in general for help finding a missing Shaler Township lady who vanished quite a while back.

Janet Walsh, 70, was accounted for missing by her girl on Jan. 20, 2020.

Janet Walsh Missing: After two years, there is still no follow, police said. Walsh’s girl should meet her mom for supper on the day she disappeared. At the point when her little girl showed up at Walsh’s home, her mom was not there. Walsh’s vehicle was gone as well, yet her PDA was still there, police said.

Janet Walsh Missing: Subsequent to reaching out to a few of her mom’s companions, Walsh called Shaler Township Police to officially report her mom as absent.

After seven days, Allegheny County police joined the examination.

Janet Walsh Missing: “Simply know that on Jan. 19 of 2020 was the last locating of her or her vehicle, which is uncommon that we don’t find a vehicle. We are super confused by this,” Shaler Township Police Chief Sean Frank said on the one-year commemoration of her vanishing.

Janet Walsh Missing: Her vehicle has not been spotted on tag perusers or found at any nearby vehicle parcels. The vehicle’s GPS tracker is additionally off the matrix.

Janet Walsh Missing: “That is letting us know that it was some way or another detached, or it’s some place where there’s no satellite accessibility,” the boss said. “It very well may be in a waterway.”

Agents have scoured the Allegheny River in neighboring regions, however nothing has been found.

Walsh is 5-feet-3-inches tall with light hair and has hazel eyes.

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