Jason Knickerbocker Obituary: Died in Haslett Motorcycle Accident Gofundme

Jason Knickerbocker Obituary: Jason Thomas Knickerbocker, age 48, of Grand Rapids Michigan passed in his lay on Friday, October fifth after a long history of diabetes. Jason was raised in Grand Rapids.

Jason Knickerbocker Obituary: He was a proficient culinary master who began his specialty at Grand Rapids Community College. He was the essential connoisseur master at Roses in East Grand Rapids. During his twenties, Jason worked in New York and later in Seattle stepping up his cooking skills.

Jason Knickerbocker Obituary: Following 10 years, he returned to Grand Rapids to proceed with his calling and complete a Bachelors Degree in History at Grand Valley State University while working at Reserve. In 2016, he became cook at the send off of the New Holland Knickerbocker where he worked until his downfall.

Jason Knickerbocker Obituary: Jason is made due by his mother, Mary Ann (Bewick) Wagner, his father, Larry Robert Knickerbocker of Juneau, AK, and his youngster Maximilian Bewick Knickerbocker. Similarly, he is made due by his stepbrothers, Nathan and Matthew Knickerbocker of Traverse City, MI. Jason was a serious father to his kid, Max.

Jason Knickerbocker Obituary: He was a refined fly fisher who was truly delighted to be on the stream participating in the quietness of nature and the traces of the’s stream. He was a guaranteed hopping teacher and focused intently on the Caribbean as a Dive Master.

Jason was a given peruser consuming multitudinous books on history, political hypothesis and fiction. Specifically, he was a fine connoisseur subject matter expert, respected and regarded by his accomplices and a mentor to an enormous number.

Jason Knickerbocker Obituary: A remembrance organization will be held at 2:00 pm on Wednesday, October 24th at Westminster Presbyterian Church at 47 Jefferson Ave SE. A get-together will follow at 5:00 pm at the New Holland Knickerbocker at 417 Bridge St NW.

The family is referencing gifts to Michigan Trout Unlimited, a not really for benefit affiliation that defends our ongoing situation and normal resources. Jason will be constantly missed by the people who loved him. His laughing consumed the room and his incredible capacity for describing held every one of us entranced.

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