Jason Landry Missing Udpate: What happened to Jason Landry?

Jason Landry Missing Udpate: A large number of people deal with more than 50 square miles on the ground hundreds more have been solicited in the air, and a lake has been exhausted, but simultaneously no sign of missing Texas State University student Jason Landry.

Landry disappeared while returning to Missouri City all through a break on Dec. 13, 2020.

Jason Landry Missing Udpate: His vehicle, a Nissan Altima, was viewed as obliterated, locked, and abandoned around 12 PM on a desolate road near Luling, with next to no sign of him.

“There is no verification of a bad behavior,” Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office Captain Jeff Ferry said during another gathering with KPRC 2 Investigates.

This is a consequence of that that the sheriff’s office would rather not handle the other DNA evidence got from Landry’s vehicle.

Jason Landry Missing Udpate: Ship believes that Landry, impeded, screwed up, crashed the vehicle, left, stripped off his articles of clothing, and wandered in the nearby cold temperature, died, and was eaten up by wild stores.

“I don’t think the pigs killed him, yet accumulates are canny. Expecting a crowd encounters a blowout, especially in December, I don’t completely accept that he will miss that,” said Ferry.

“Maybe it just encourages you to nail everything to Jason,” said Jason’s father, Pastor Kent Landry, in another gathering.

Jason Landry Missing Udpate: A past FBI expert arranged in San Antonio by the name of Abel Peña, who laid out Project Absentis, moreover confides in the very same thing.

Peña and his gathering of private inspectors are working on the Landry case Pro-Bono.

“Expecting you go down that road in tolerating that nothing happened to Jason Landry, then, at that point, you’re not going down that road of chatting with people,” Peña said.

Jason Landry Missing Udpate: Peña has sent a summary of 10 people to the Caldwell County District Attorney. These are people he acknowledges may have data or offer hints into what has been the deal with Jason.

Jason Landry Missing Udpate: Ship stays aware of there is strong confirmation that Landry didn’t stop his vehicle there of brain until the vehicle crashed. That evidence is the reason on his speculation that since Jason didn’t stop, he didn’t come into contact with any person who could have killed him.

Jason Landry Missing Udpate: Peña, who doesn’t have a comparative level of permission to demonstrate as Ferry for the circumstance, questions the contention that it is unbelievable that Landry came into contact with anyone, and it could have happened at the Luling crossing point, where he failed to go right to proceed to I-10.

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