Kayla Cheney Missing : Killing of Caylee Anthony

Kayla Cheney Missing : Manchester — Kimberly Claudio’s sisters continue going saw her on the night of Nov. 10 as they hurried to a school transport outside Howell Cheney Technical High School in Manchester, the young women’s grandmother, Irma Claudio, said Tuesday.

Kayla Cheney Missing : Kimberly, 14, was visiting with a social event of various young women, and her sisters, twins Kayla and Jazlyn Claudio, forewarned her she would miss the vehicle, Irma Claudio said. Exactly when the vehicle left the bundle, Kimberly was not on it, and the family has not heard from her since, her grandmother said.

Kayla Cheney Missing : Manchester police gave a missing group alert for the East Hartford young woman, who has gritty hued eyes, dull hearty shaded hair, stands 5 feet 3 and weighs 102 pounds. Kimberly was most as of late seen wearing a red, hooded sweatshirt and dull, knee-length skirt. Police have made information that she may be in the Greater Hartford district, division agent Lt. Ryan Shea said.

Kayla Cheney Missing : Kimberly is one of five family. Her father and mother, Jose Claudio Ana Pomales-Claudio, are pastors at the Church of God Pentecostal Sanando Heridas in Hartford.

Kimberly values singing in house of prayer, drawing and scrutinizing, Irma Claudio said. Family members and associates are petitioning reliably for her safeguarded return, she said.

“That is the very thing keeps us standing — our certainty and requests,” Irma Claudio said.

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