Kaylee Jones Missing: What Happened to Kaylee Jones?

Kaylee Jones Missing: Brenda and Daniel Jones say that their 16-year-old girl, Kaylee Jones, is medically introverted, and that her condition left her defenseless against online hunters who might have baited her away from home.

The guardians of a missing high schooler in Georgia dread their girl might be a casualty of sex dealing.

Kaylee Jones Missing: Kaylee Jones, 16, was most recently seen close Whooping Creek Church Road in Carrollton, Georgia, on June 14, as per a delivery from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office. Regardless of “working steadily nonstop,” agents say they are not near seeing as the youngster, who requires clinical consideration.

Kaylee Jones Missing: Guardians Daniel and Brenda Jones dread their girl, who is medically introverted, may have succumbed to sex dealers subsequent to meeting web clients with sick purpose, as indicated by CBS Atlanta offshoot WGCL-TV.

“My significant other found she was conversing with four or five people through Snapchat,” said Mr. Jones.

Kaylee Jones Missing: The guardians purportedly removed their little girl’s telephone two days before she vanished. As indicated by Fox Atlanta member WAGA-TV, the Jones said Kaylee was “helpless” to what they called “internet preparing.”

“They go after these children, and it’s nauseating, however it’s a reality,” Mr. Jones said of online hunters, per WGCL. “And there’s nothing left but to prepare our children.”

Kaylee Jones Missing: Kaylee’s folks said “goodbye” to their little girl on the night of June 14, and found her bed void the following morning, they told Fox columnists.

Kaylee Jones Missing: Carroll County authorities say specialists are keeping occupied by “assessing information from Kaylee’s electronic gadgets” and have been “in touch with those she keep going had contact with on those gadgets.”

Kaylee Jones Missing: In a report on June 20, the sheriff’s office said there were numerous questions for the situation, for example, where Kaylee could have been going, what she was wearing, and who might have perhaps went with her. They did, nonetheless, say that Kaylee “might actually be with somebody she has met through certain applications on the web.”

Oxygen.com contacted the sheriff’s office to request an update however didn’t get a prompt reaction.

Kaylee Jones Missing: “It’s horrible, knowing she’s who knows where and not knowing where she’s at,” said Kaylee’s dad. “The very most terrible considerations come to our psyches. She is our little girl, and we frantically need her back. She is a major, enormous piece of us.”

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