Melissa Arnold Missing: What Happened To Melissa Arnold?

Distinguishing Characteristics

Melissa Arnold Missing: Caucasian female. Sandy light hair, blue eyes. Arnold’s epithet is Mel, and she might utilize the last names Dougherty and additionally Smith. She has a pierced lower lip, pierced ears and a tattoo on her upper arm. A photograph of the tattoo is posted with this case rundown.

Details of Disappearance

Melissa Arnold Missing: Arnold was most recently seen at the Poverello Center, a destitute safe house in Missoula, Montana, during the daytime on February 19, 2018. She has at absolutely no point ever been heard from in the future.

Melissa Arnold Missing: She was destitute at the hour of her vanishing, however kept in touch with her dad, who assisted with a portion of her necessities. Her dad revealed her missing following a little while passed without his hearing from her.

Melissa Arnold Missing: In June 2022, Arnold’s wallet, recognizable proof, jeans and blade were found nearby Dolan Flats and the Clark Fork River Lodge close to St. Regis, Montana. Little data is accessible for her situation.

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