Nicole Silvers Missing: Nicole Silvers is still missing from Longmont

Nicole Silvers Missing: One night toward the beginning of April, 2014, Nicole Silvers’ more seasoned sister dropped Nicole off at her companion’s home in Longmont, Colorado. After Silvers’ sister saw her go into the house, Silvers was gone forever.

Nicole Silvers Missing: Silvers was 16-years of age when she disappeared on April 8, 2014. Today, she would be 23-years of age. As per a report from the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children, Silvers is a white female, 5’8″, 135 pounds, with light hair and blue eyes. Silvers was most recently seen with her hair colored red.

Nicole Silvers Missing: As per Weld County Cold Case Detective Byron Kastilhan, at the hour of her vanishing, Silvers had been remaining at her companion’s home in Longmont for some time. “She was 16 and needed to be all alone,” Kastilhan said about the connection among Silvers and her folks.

Nicole Silvers Missing: Despite the fact that Silvers’ familial connections might have been stressed, Kasthilan said he doesn’t think Silvers had an intention to take off.

“It appears as though she was profoundly cherished. She had bunches of loved ones that cherished her,” Kasthilan said.

Nicole Silvers Missing: Anybody with data about Nicole Silvers’ location is approached to contact Byron Kastilhan at the Weld County Sheriff’s Office at (970) 400-2827.

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