Sharon Marshall Missing: What happened to Sharon Marshall?

Who was Sharon Marshall?

Sharon Marshall Missing: Sharon Marshall, whose name was really Suzanne Marie Sevakis, was brought into the world on September 9 1969.

Sharon Marshall Missing: Her mom was named Sandi Chipman and Suzanne was one of Sandi’s four youngsters. She had two different girls called Allison and Amy and a child called Phillip.

Who is Franklin Floyd?

Sharon Marshall Missing: Chipman was hitched to Franklin Delano Floyd, who went by many phony names including Brandon Williams.

Sharon Marshall Missing: In 1975, Chipman needed to carry out a 30-day jail punishment for posting terrible checks, and during this time Floyd stole every last bit of her kids and vanished. Sharon would have been five or six years of age at that point.

Sharon Marshall Missing: At that point, police purportedly wouldn’t make any move as they said Floyd was permitted to accept the kids as he was their stepfather.

Sharon Marshall Missing: This didn’t stop Chipman searching for her youngsters. She later found two of her little girls, who had been left in child care, however her main child Phillip and girl Suzanne stayed missing.

Sharon Marshall Missing: Floyd had taken Suzanne with him, however had renamed her Sharon Marshall so she was unable to be found.

Phillip’s whereabouts stayed obscure for quite a while, yet in 2019 the now-grown-up Phillip took a DNA test which uncovered his actual character after he thought he was the missing youngster. It was subsequently found that Floyd had put him up for reception.

What happened to Sharon Marshall?

Sharon Marshall Missing: Floyd raised Suzanne as his own girl, enlisting her at an Oklahoma City school under the bogus name of Sharon Marshall.

Sharon Marshall Missing: Sharon was supposed to be a splendid understudy, and procured a grant to Georgia Tech University to concentrate on advanced plane design.

Sharon Marshall Missing: Floyd prevented her from seeking after her fantasies after she got pregnant by another man, nonetheless, and constrained her to fill in as a fascinating artist and stripper and go by different nom de plumes including Tonya Tadlock.

Sharon Marshall Missing: Floyd mishandled Sharon for a really long time as she grew up, and he proceeded to wed the young lady he brought up as a little girl when she was around 16 years of age.

They lived respectively in the United States, where she brought up her child Michael.

Sharon Marshall Missing: Sharon had gone out to search for child things for her two-year-old child Michael, in April 1990, when she was viewed as dormant along the edge of a thruway.

Sharon Marshall Missing: She was 20 years old at that point, and had wounds and a drain to the mind. She was hurried to a neighborhood emergency clinic yet kicked the bucket there.

Sharon Marshall Missing: Police initially expected she was the casualty of a quick in and out, however came to associate Floyd with Sharon’s homicide, however he said he was sleeping at that point and they couldn’t attach him to the wrongdoing.

Sharon Marshall Missing: There was obtuse power injury to the rear of Sharon’s head not predictable with a fender bender.

Sharon Marshall Missing: Floyd later hijacked Sharon’s child Michael at gunpoint from his school and proceeded to confess to the FBI that he shot him in the head and killed him around the same time he captured him.

Sharon’s demise was a secret for quite a long time, however at that point her genuine character was uncovered very nearly 25 years after she kicked the bucket in 2014.

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