Shooting: What Happened To Gina Gonzalez In Arizona 2009? Victim Wife And Mother Survivor, Where Is She Now?

Gina Gonzalez : The case was discussed in the start of the “Passing Knock” episode of the TV show Deadly Women on Investigation Discovery. As per the name of the show, the past is told according to Forde’s perspective.

Gina Gonzalez : In 2011, a jury concluded that each of the three assailants had killed their casualties. Forde and Bush were given capital punishment, and Gaxiola was condemned to life in jail without the opportunity of parole.

Gina Gonzalez : Gina Gonzalez’s place of residence isn’t known right now. She hasn’t let anybody know what’s happening.

Gina Gonzalez : At the point when the cheats returned to the house, Gonzalez was chatting on the telephone. Gonzalez took shots at them, and one of the shots hit Bush in the leg.

Gina Gonzalez : The executioners then, at that point, took off. Gonzalez realize that individuals who went after him were two people of color and a white lady. She said that Bush was the executioner who killed her significant other and two youngsters.

The day after the killings, MAD part Chuck Stonex dealt with Bush’s leg. Stonex later appeared at the preliminary as an observer for the indictment.

Gina Gonzalez : Shawna Forde and her accomplice claimed to be cops searching for escapees when they broke into the Flores home.

Gina Gonzalez : The suspects figured they would find cash and medications that could be utilized to pay for Forde’s Minutemen American Defense (MAD), a vigilante gathering of patriots who watched the boundary among Arizona and Mexico.

At the point when the intruders found no medications, they took some modest gems and killed Raul Flores Jr., 29, and his nine-year-old little girl, Brisenia Ylianna Flores.

She put on a show of being dead, yet she was as yet alive. At the point when the interlopers ran out of the house, Gonzalez called 9-1-1 and got her hands on her better half’s gun.

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