Sonia Loja Death: Connecticut Mom Strangles Three Children to death before taking her own life

Sonia Loja Death: The Connecticut mother who was found dead at home this week close by her three kids had stifled the youths preceding taking her own life, police said Thursday.

Sonia Loja Death: Sonia Loja, 36, was perceived by Danbury police as the woman found dead from thought asphyxia by hanging in a shed behind a lone family home on Whaley Street, where police dealt with a success check at around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Sonia Loja Death: Loja’s three young people, perceived as 12-year-old Junior Panjon, 10-year-old Joselyn Panjon and 5-year-old Jonael Panjon, were moreover found dead in the home.

Sonia Loja Death: “Approaching a power posthumous assessment, basic disclosures show that Ms. Loja gagged her three children preceding ending it all,” Danbury police said in a decree to The Post. “Regardless, this is at this point a working assessment.”

Sonia Loja Death: Loja and her three kids possessed the home with Loja’s life partner, Pedro Panjon, and his adult kin, neighbors said.

Sonia Loja Death: It was Panjon, who rapidly and sorrowfully called 911, then, at that point, tumbled to the ground in the yard ensuing to finding the youngsters’ bodies, neighbors said.

Sonia Loja Death: Panjon had gone out at around 6 a.m. on Wednesday morning to rush toward his work in getting done, a neighbor told The Post. His kin, who furthermore dwells in the home, left for work close to four hours sometime later yet “saw the same old thing,” neighbor Elvis Espinal said.

Sonia Loja Death: Loja ran an unlawful day care out of the house, which was fitted with wilderness rec center style equipment in the yard, neighbors said. She had told gatekeepers of the kids she managed not to drop them off upon the appearance of the killings, Espinal said.

Sonia Loja Death: Panjon couldn’t contact his significant other, so he referenced a prosperity check anyway got to his home before cops appeared, as demonstrated by Espinal.
“Two or following three minutes, he arose and he called 911 and just shut down to the ground,” the neighbor said. Cops later found Loja hanging in a shed in the yard, near a colossal swing set.

Sonia Loja Death: Panjon, shared a lamentable post through web-based diversion Wednesday night, showing a dull trim with a Spanish articulation that signifies “Find satisfaction in the great beyond, Now you are in an unrivaled spot with God.”

Sonia Loja Death: He similarly shared photos of Loja and the young people in additional cheerful times, including a picture of the mother embracing Jonael over a birthday cake with a lit fire as various children look on.

Neighbors were left shaken by the bad behavior, saying the “serene” family lived there for four or five years.
“What was she thinking?” said one neighbor, whose property abuts the house and who saw cops take Loja’s body from the shed.

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