Who is Gena Tew: Instagram model who nearly died from AIDS

Who is Gena Tew: Gena Tew, Instagram model who has been associated with different celebrities nearly gave from AIDS resulting to going untested for practically 10 years, according to another TikTok video.

Who is Gena Tew: Gena Tew, who has been found in the past with any similarity to Nick Cannon, Chris Brown, and Chief Keef, discussed her experiences in a video posted on Monday.

Who is Gena Tew: let her allies in on that she has no clue about when or how she gotten the disease yet seen her PCP said it expected to have been in her system for somewhere in the ballpark of eight to 10 years.

Who is Gena Tew: Hadn’t Been Tested In 8-10 Years, Nearly Died From The Virus
She in like manner uncovered she hadn’t gotten had a go at during that entire stretch of time, and just got attempted once the secondary effects ended up being recognizably devastating.

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